Car Audio: Audison SRX4, Regina, Saskatchewan

Car Audio: Audison SRX4, Regina, Saskatchewan

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Car Audio: Audison SRX4, pioneer prem 12" subwoofer (shallow mount) & custom compact box

S4S 6A9
System dimensions: 36"x15"x5.5" w/lip 35"x13.5"x4.5" wo/lip Fits trunk of older mini cooper flush with rear cooked seats and tailgate. Features: *Front/rear or front/sub amplifier with built-in crossover. Front channels filter can be hi-pass or full range, rear channels one can be hi-pass, lo-pass or full range. SRx 4 can be used as a 4/3/2 channel? amplifier. When you choose 2 channel configuration (left/right), you can use hi-pass, lo-pass or full range functioning. There are 'speakers-in' front/rear inputs and a bypass output. RMS Outputs: 4 x 60 Watt at 4-ohms 4 x 85 Watt at 2-ohms 2 x 60 + 1 x 190 Watt at 4-ohms 2 x 85 + 1 x 170 Watt at 2/4 ohms 2 x 170 Watt at 4-ohms Bridgeable 4 / 3 / 2 Channel Output 2 Ohm Stable High Level Speaker Input Built in Cooling Fan High Pass Crossover Low Pass Crossover RCA Input *Premier 12" Shallow Mount Subwoofer with 1400 Watts Max. Power 350 Watts Nominal Power Unique Design with just 3-1/4" Mounting Depth
Regina, Saskatchewan
$ 700 CAD

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